All students enrolled in SAISD, whether they are in-person or in Virtual Academy, will use the Learning Management System called Schoology. Schoology will be your one-stop site that will contain all the information you will need to stay up to date with your child's progress. If you choose the in-person option you will see all of your child's information from his/her teachers at Bradford. If you choose the Virtual Academy, you will see your child's information from the courses on the platform.

It will also be our communication platform for teachers, administrators, students, and parents. If you have multiple children in SAISD you will be able to toggle between their information from one screen on your parent dashboard. It is incredibly user friendly.

Please don't be overwhelmed thinking about learning a new system. We will be with you the whole way to help you, and we will be working with your child daily to help them learn the system as well.  


How to Access Schoology

  1. Open a web browser (ex: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari) on your device and go to the following web address:
    • It will also be listed in the SAISD “Favorites” in the browser under @Student Resources.
    • For some SAISD devices, it may auto log you into Schoology using the credentials you used to log into the device.  If it doesn’t, continue to step #3.
  2. Type sanangelo if it asks for school name.  Then choose San Angelo ISD from the results.
  3. Log into Schoology using your network credentials.