San Angelo ISD Celebrates School Board Recognition Month this January

January is School Board Recognition Month, as declared by Governor Greg Abbott through an official state of Texas proclamation. This month serves to encourage all Texans to recognize and celebrate the work and success of our school board members and pay tribute to the role they play in our community and schools. San Angelo ISD’s seven members of the Board of Trustees recognize the importance of public education to our community, and chose to run for election to serve our community and district. Serving on the Board is not an easy task as it is a huge time commitment involving at times very complex issues and is an unpaid position. 

This school year has brought the essential value of public education to the forefront. With the support, guidance and leadership of the Board, San Angelo ISD was able to diligently dedicate vital time, resources and innovative measures to ensure our students receive the best possible education regardless of the circumstances. Our Board has been instrumental in our educational response to COVID-19 by leading in the implementation of safety measures, coordinating, developing and facilitating online learning and other tools to support and adapt to a dynamic learning environment, and providing support to administrators, staff, teachers, parents, and students. As we continue to face unprecedented challenges, the importance of ensuring a better tomorrow by securing a well-rounded education for all students and preparing them to be future-ready graduates is the foundation which guides our Board.

While we will face new challenges as we continue to serve the needs of our students, San Angelo can count on their school board members to weather these trials, create opportunities to  provide input and collaborate on important issues, develop solutions, and empower educators while remaining focused on the future of San Angelo students. Our dedicated school board members work with parents, educators, community members, and business leaders to create successful learning environments with the future of San Angelo in mind.

Our Board’s dedication to our students has not gone unnoticed. In fact, in July of 2020, the Board was selected as a regional honor board and a nominee for the 2020 Texas Association of School Administrators Outstanding School Board of the Year. The SAISD Board was selected as the regional honor board for Region 15, which includes 43 other school districts. The TASA School Board Awards Program was established in 1971 to recognize the dedication and service of school boards that make a positive impact on the school children of Texas.

Please join us in thanking each of our seven hard-working trustees here today or if you see them out and about all month long: Lanny Layman, Max Parker, Bill Dendle, Art Hernandez, Dr. Taylor Kingman, Ami Mizell-Flint, and Gerard Gallegos. On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of San Angelo ISD, we sincerely thank you.